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UAVWILD aspires to contribute positively towards conservation efforts through a range of practices. We believe that the process of capturing imagery is an invaluable tool throughout conservation. Whether that be through using drones to capture imagery used for surveys, or producing more creative imagery that shares the stories of the natural world to the general public.

The founder of UAVWILD, Beth Priday (photographed left), is a UK CAA GVC qualified drone pilot and wildlife conservation professional. Beth created UAVWILD to be able to share her expertise in this unique field of conservation, to contribute towards increasingly required conservation and research efforts.




UAVWILD focuses on the use of low-cost, consumer grade drones/uavs within conservation. We operate, consult and educate on these drones, and believe they're a powerful and innovative conservation tool. 

Low-cost, consumer grade drones are those that typically fall in a very affordable price range, and are super easy to use. Although they are widely used by the general public for amateur photography and film, they are more than capable of performing a huge range of science based tasks too; without sacrificing data quality

Here at UAVWILD, we have perfected our simplistic and low-cost drone methods within conservation practices, and are now sharing them with organisations worldwide to aid their work. Please get in touch via email at if you're interested in these services, and we can discuss the formalities and answer any questions you may have.

UAVWILD'S imagery production aims to share the stories of the natural world from alternate perspectives. Aerial imagery opens a valuable avenue of imagery that we are driven to share. Photography and film play a huge role in aiding conservation efforts. Here at UAVWILD, we utilise our scientific background to truly understand the subjects we're shooting to portray their stories from both aerial and ground-based perspectives. Through this understanding, we aim to creative innovative technology that's needed to enhance science communication success.

We sell our imagery, and are also available for production shoots upon request. We operate both drones and topside camera equipment, so we're able to capture a range of imagery to suit your needs.

Please note, although wildlife photography and film is our specialty, we're more the happy to capture imagery of other subjects. Please get in touch via email at if we can be of assistance.

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